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Parody Online

Margaret DeRitter: A Visit from St. Zachary

Volume 6  Issue 2
  October 31, 2017

Janice Canerdy: My, How Things Change!
Sarah Cannavo: Characters in Horror Movies*
Alex Dreppec: Letters
Don Fleming: The Donald at the Plate*
Daniel Galef: A New Endian Dilemma
Conrad Geller: A Gentle Farewell
Nancy Freedman Goldstein: Deplorable Times*
Ken Gosse: Merchants of Vehemence
M C Green: Trying on Clothes on a Winter's Evening*
Karen Greenbaum-Maya: How to Write
Alan Harland: A Briefer History of Time
                          Something About Birds
Charles Kersey: The Code Not Taken*
Martin H. Levinson: The Politician's Serenity Prayer*
Bob Lorentson: Sigmund Freud
Paula Mahon: Ballad of the Nervous Air Passenger*
Gary Mesick: Crab Lice*
Esther Greenleaf MurerPangolinnet
Lance Nizami: XXIIa*
Russell Novotny: Too much? Never! Scoop
Satish Pendharkar: Limerick
Elisheva Pomrenze: To Her Boy, Distressed*
Karen Poppy: The Aisle Not Taken*
Wesley Sims: Donations
Angela Spires: E.E. Cummings at Jurassic World
Alberto Sveum: Dawn of the Bread
Taunja Thomson: The Suspect
Peggy Turnbull: The Skirt
Sharon Wood Wortman: Haiku

Volume 6  Issue 1
  April 1, 2017

Alice Batt: Jeans*
Jerome Betts: Julia's Reply*
                       Sea Leaver*
Dan Campion
: Who'll Be Chief Scorner*
Michael Coolen: The Orange Predator
Deborah Davitt: Spring pollen unleashed
Alex Dreppec: Robespierre's Ruin
                        Therapying Thunderstorms
Eric Evans: Sometimes Overt, Often Stealth
Mitch Frye: To a Dependent
Daniel Galef: The Beagle*
J.M. Green: Sarah on Aging*
Kathleen A. Lawrence: Trump vs. Big Bird*
Paula Mahon: April 14*
                       Computer Virus*
Douglas S. Malan: Count beats with fingers
Bruce McGuffin: Stopping by the Institute for Widget Studies Annual Conference*
Josh Mitteldorf: For They
John Mudge: The Oral-B Toothbrush Question
John Muth: For a Special Someone
Will O'Brien: Larry Ate a Little Ham*
Chris O'Carroll: Sea Heaver*
Marge Piercy: The dinner lottery
Joseph Reich: Somewhere Between an Angel and Gargoyle
Elizabeth Sanker: Burritode
Karlo Sevilla: Taxation*
Harvey Steinberg: Fixing her Wagon*
Lady Samantha: Ode to the Bagel Eaters
Robert Witmer: smoking pot
Sharon Wood Wortman: Advanced Alt-Rightitis
Jane Yolen: Trolls: Three Haiku

Volume 5 Issue 2
  October 31, 2016

Bartholomew Barker: Chocolates from the Portuguese 43*
Niloufar Behrooz: Darcy and Lydia
                              To Mr. Andrew Marvell
Barbara Brannon: Framed
                                The Tale of the Pi Characters*
Dan Campion: Ode to the Appendix
Janice Canerdy: Drink with Me*
                            I Sprayed Her Name upon a Store One Day*
Diane de Anda: The Compliant Wife
                           If the moon is cheese

Alex Dreppec: Gaping Grave's Gaiety
Frederick Foote: The President's Prayer*
Georgia Fried: 2d Haiku
Daniel Galef: Bard Garb
                      The Original Fanfiction

Vince Gotera: Clerihews for a Famous Literary Sailor
Michelle Green: Sonnet No. 18—A First Draft*
Gil Hackel: The Compassionate Neighbor to a Cat*
James Hamby: Tell All the Truth or What You Can*
                        To Trump*
Alan Harland: A Coroner's Report
Daniel R. Jones: The Brash Editor*
Diane Kendig: Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Cockroach*
Jean L. Kreiling: Winter Morning Soliloquy*
Martin H. Levinson: An Ode to Dorothy Parker*
Erika Lopez: Beer and Wine*
Peter Manos: Concertina*
Joan Mazza: Anglophile
Chris O'Carroll: Subaltern's Sequel*
                          When Teetotalers Go Caroling*
Joseph S. Pete: Algonquin Suicide Squad*
Stephen Starr: The Enemy of my Enemy
Sarah Valeika: An Ode to Oobleck
Robert Witmer: The Perfect Enjoyment: A Lesson for John Wilmot*

Volume 5 Issue 1
 April 1, 2016

C.B. Anderson: North Coast Suite
Bartholomew Barker: Chocolate Sonnet 18*
Bruce Boston: The Pavlovian Board
Lee Warner Brooks: Mending Lawn* 
Dan Campion: The Ballad of Joaquin Quinoa*
Janice Canerdy: The Car Not Taken*
Patrick CookRunaround Sue Time Travels to 1559
Meriah L. Crawford: Ode to a Lost Love
Richard Drace: Nursery Rhyme Personal Ads
Alex Dreppec: Eating Electric Eels
Roberta Feins: The Fedex Man Discovers That Love Is Not Always Attractive*
Frederick Foote: A Prayer for the Market Economy*
Michael "H.G. Haiku" Haviland: Animal Haiku
T.R. Hummer: The Rural Carrier Discovers That Love Is Everywhere
J. H. Johns: A Narcisist's Prayer*
Linda Kennedy: In My Opinion, William*
Jean L. Kreiling: Stopping a Cat on a Lonely Evening*
                              The Exile from Innisfree*
J. Patrick Lewis: Peas*
J. David Liss: Senate Cafe Haiku*
Teresa Milbrodt: The Old Woman Lives in a Shoe
                             The Pumpkin Eaters
Tracy Mishkin: Before and After*
Joseph Reich: A Puzzle of the United States of America
Faith Shearin: The Woman in the Viagra Commercial
Patrick H. SheerinI Remember All Right*
                                  Love is Not Love*
J. D. Smith: Do Not Throw Bento into That Food Fight*
                     Picking through Trash on a Sunday Evening*
Jane Yolen: Death Rides USAir At Night*

Volume 4 Issue 2
 October 31, 2015

Chris Bursk: Happiness Anonymous
                       Why I haven't Killed Myself Yet
Janice Canerdy: With Wobbly Steps*
Risica Caputi: Shakespeare Tweets*
Helen Companion: To Whom it May Concern*
Barbara Lydecker Crane: Goodnight Tycoon*
Alex Dreppec: Vegans Versus Vampires
Mary Elizabeth: Memento Mocha*
Todd Giberson: The Bills*
Gloria D. Gonsalves: An Apple in Red*
                                   Still I Reappear*
Peter Goulding: He Wishes for Nike Runners*
                            I Will Arise and Go Now*
                           Ozzy Mandias (My Latvian Mechanic)*
Gloria Heffernan: The Green Room*
Laura Johnson: The Poop Researcher*
Richard Krohn: After Reading "Jack and Jill" to My Granddaughter
Stuart Kurtz: Give Peas a Chance*
J. Patrick Lewis: I Eat Grape-Nuts with Raisins*
                             Jenny Dump'd Me*
Paula Mahon: My Laundry Mystery*
Simon Mermelstein: Grownup at the Youth Slam
Teresa Milbrodt: Drive By Liturgy
Tracy Mishkin: After the Mayo Clinic*
Rob O'Keefe: Ode to Rye Toast
Andrew Sacks: Lucy Poem*
Richard Schiffman: Apocryphal Bard
                                Karmic Laundromat
                                Lament of the Cactus
Anastasia Voight: Got Mail?
Jennifer Weiss: The Power of Lox*
Yvonne Zipter: A Child's Guide to the Dog
                          Yep, That's My Girl

Volume 4 Issue 1
 April 1-ish, 2015

Lee Warner Brooks: All the Pretty Little Peaches 
                                   Keats Becoming Yeats
Chris Bursk: Genesis 6:5-17
Janice Canerdy: To the Sale Lovers to Kick it into High Gear*
Jessica Cornelson: These Listerine Cities*
Kelsey Dean: False Advertising
Richard Drace: There Once was a Poet...
James D. Fuson: assault
Estelle Gilson: The Height of the Delicious*
Dianne Hardy: Lot*
Gloria Heffernan:Glinda's Dilemma
Ed Higgins: Thirteen Ways of Looking at Blackbeard*
John Martin: Rise and Fall: To a Young Cake*
Simon Mermelstein: with apologies to Ezra Pound*
Teresa Milbrodt: Octavia
                             Under the Florescent Halo
Alyssa Nedbal: The Fortune Cookie Writer
James B. Nicola: The Peaceful Warrior
Joseph Reich: For Johnny Rotten, The Savior which Comes in All Flavors
Cliff Saunders: After Reading Too Much Verse One Night, a Young Poet Struggles to Compose Something Original
Richard Schiffman: Doctor's Orders
Karl Williams: There Was a Barren Baroness
Sian Williams-Fowler: Boys and Girls*
                                       Alas, Poor Potato
Sharon Wood Wortman: Breasts: A Couplet

Volume 3 Issue 2
 October 31, 2014

Roger Berry: Playing with Words on a Sunny Evening*
Paul Burgess: Elizabeth II

                        Kate Middleton 
                        Likest Thou My Facebook Post?
Janice Canerdy: The Passionate Playboy to His Prey of the Week*
                             Prey of the Week's Reply to the Passionate Playboy
Jeremy Cantor: Rigs of the Time (cont.)*
Alex Dreppec: Abysmal Abbot, Spicy Stuff
Laura Garrison: The Salsa* 

                             Worst Fig*
Nancy Todd: Growl*
Anita Haas: The Present
Jim Landwehr: Shoe Shepherd
Wheeler Light: Haiku that is also a Title
Catherine McGuire: Kubla Can't* 

                                   To a Child First Seeing Epcot Center*
Mermelstein: For Robert Baratheon*
Joseph Reich: Ayyy! 

                        Episode Zero
Ron Riekki: We are Really Cool*
Wesley Rodgers: Little boy blue with paper and glue
Christopher Scribner: To Urchins, to Clean Up your Grime*
René-Claire Spencer: Note to Supervisor*
Leah Umansky: Khaleesi Says
David Walker: Twenty Minutes in the Shower with a Migraine
Clint Wastling
: Washer

Volume 3 Issue 1
April 1, 2014

Melissa Balmain: The Gen-Y Dude to His Friend with Benefits*
Wil E. C. Ruse Blade: Composed on Westminster Bridge: by a Bobdingnagian Barbarian*
Jerry Bradley: The Deserted Amusement 
Janice Canerdy: When I Refused to Ride with Death*
Patrick Cook: I Heard a Ringtone*
Barbara Lydecker Crane: Applied Beauty*
Alex Dreppec: Masochist Marsh 
Marianne Gambaro: Dickinson 249.2*
Richard B. Grenell: Hanging Low
                                   Quite a Combination
Nels Hanson: The Opossum Takes a Bow
A.J. Huffman: I Want an Explanation
Andrew Kozma: On the Fear of Being Swallowed by Literature
Simon Mermelstein: h(a*
Bradley K. Meyer: Giraffes
James B. Nicola: Elocutionary Advice
Joseph Reich: The Life & Times (or Actions/Adventures) of the Telemarketer and Her Poor Brainwashed and Enraptured Audience
John Roche: Boston Snapshot
Daniel Schall: Courage (or Foxhole's Morale)
Hal Sirowitz: The English Version, The Future is Nebulous
Noel Sloboda: We Make Drool*
Adam Solomon: Suburban Prophet
Peter Venable: Dark Matter Dark Mind
Yvonne Zipter: Epistle to a Shadow-Tailed Traveler 
                          Now Scheduling Shadow Days

Volume 2 Issue 2
October 31, 2013

Pamela Arlov: To Her Coy Tootsie*
Jeremy Ball: For Aspiring Poets
Roy Hartwell Bent: An Attempt to be Environmentally Responsible at a Thruway Rest Stop
Jerry Bradley: Milton the Busboy Asks for Friday Off*
Lee Warner Brooks: Sugar
Sarah Cerullo: Hamlet's Manscaping Dilemma*
Danny Collier: Chickens*
Patrick Cook: Finding Golf Clubs on a Rainy Evening*
Alex Dreppec: Buy, Cloned Cooks Conquer Canada
Kristina England: An Epitaph
Laura Garrison: Gorgon Hair Care 
                             Bug on my Shoulder*
Alan Ira Gordon: Students who won't learn
Nels Hanson: The Shark Prepares a Menu
Ed Higgins: This Is Just To Say*
A.J. Huffman: Fitness Barbie
Tim Laffey: The Red Belt Buckle*
Christopher Linforth: Internet*
R.C. Neighbors: Creative Writing 101
Andrew Sacks: Pie Beauty*
Abraham Schneider: File** 
                                    Footnote to File*
Noel Sloboda: Thirteen Ways of Looking at Fried Chicken*
Mercedes Webb-Pullman: This Be the Worst*
                                             i carry your gum with me(i carry it on*

Volume 2 Issue 1
April 1, 2013

Patrick Cook: A Continuation on Nash
Barbara Lydecker Crane: My Father's Final Letter*
Robert Dawson: The Girl from Sunken R'lyeh*
Diane de Anda: Professor Lothario
                           The Rhyme of the Patient Dog Owner
Timons Esaias: Inequity
Kathy Ferrell: Knitting as Marital Therapy
Laura Garrison: Advice
Paul Goldberg: The Deadly Diet of Danny D. Wyatt
Karen Greenbaum-Maya: Theodor Adorno Steps Out
Steve Klepetar: The Lamb*
                           Upon Julia's Nose*
Richard Krepski: A Cream-Puff Deferred*
Leland March: The Lunatic
Tom Murray: Skinny Dipping
Ogden Nash: The Purist
R.C. Neighbors: The Puppy*
James B. Nicola: The Wit
Rick Norwood: The math major's sex life is strenuous
Mark Perry: Up, Slacker, Up!*
Joseph Reich: Not Terribly Far from Reno
Andrew Sacks: Ovoidicus*
Gregg Sapp: Sonnet to the Dollar Store
Daniel Schall: Flour and Rice (A Celiac's Hell)*
Faith Shearin: A Few Things I Ate
Matthew Thompson: Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Columbus*
Gordon White
: Lines on a Used Book

Volume 1 Issue 2
October 31, 2012

Barbara Lydecker Crane: Just So You Know*
Chris Eugene Canter: The Venerable Bede, Christopher Hitchens
G. O. Clark: Selected Titles from the Poor Man's Genre Library
Tracy Davidson: Tub of Lard
Diane de Anda: Dracula's Favorite Things*
A.J. Dillon-Davis: Turds: On Barely Avoiding One in the Grass*
Neil Ellman: Jabberwock Redux
Eric Evans: The Tenured or the Bored
Paul Goldberg: The Hyphenated Marriage
Jim Hale: The skin of a woman named Hermia
Mike Jones: There is no Frigate Like a Frig*
Tracy Koretsky: My Mind and I
Mary Elzabeth Lee: Return to Sender
Larry Lefkowitz: Pub Fever*
David Lewitzky: The Wasteland
Mark J. Mitchell: Song of the Sleepy Adept
Anthony Nannetti: Misdirection
Lainey O'Brien: The Workout
Joseph Reich: Calm on Down!, Novocain
Flash Rosenberg: Sharpened Poetry, Happ-eBirthday
Brook J. Sadler: How Dow I Loathe Me?*
Jonathan Shipley: Biblical Themed Horror Movies
                               Children's Books Written by the Sand People in Star Wars

Cara Shulman: I am a Garbage Plate*
Anne Skalitza: Foodie*
Noel Sloboda: Wolf Just Has to Say*
Josh Smith: Bad Romance
Jasper Sole: The Lighter Side of Multiple Personalities
Jon Wesick: Halloween in Cambodia*


Volume 1 Issue 1 

April 1, 2012

David Alpaugh: John Donne Explains How it All Went Wrong, Come Fly With Me
Bruce Boston: Reasons to Become a Cannibal
                         Things Not to Say when You Meet a Tyrannosaurus Rex
Patrick Cook: The Street Sweeper*
Barbara Lydecker Crane: My Girlfriend's Eyes are Kinda Like the Sun*
Jacob Edwards: Pin the Tail, Beetnick
Neil Ellman: Rossum's Universal Robot Rebuts
Michael George: You tried to reach mike, My ans'ring machine asked for haiku
Ed Higgins: old Issa
Steve Klepetar: To Coffee (On Drinking the Day's First Cup)*
Tracy Koretsky: Always on Sunday
David Lewitzky: Stabat Mater
N. Joy Lutton: Sandman*
Kevin Meeks: Ethermance*
James B. Nicola: Sway
Lance Nizami: In Palo Alto (The Yiddish Circle)*
David L. O'Neal: The Clam
Robert E. Petras: The Hot Water Heater*
Joseph Reich: Tourette's
Jonathan Shipley: Prequels to Famous Books
Hal Sirowitz: Keeping Score
Sandra Soli: Tri Semi
Adam Solomon: Nice Try for a Jedi
Adriana Tosun: The Marital Machinations of King Henry, Number Eight

* Indicates poem is a direct parody of another. All others are a more normal kind of silly.
** Available online only!