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Parody Online

John WoodTo His Coy Wordsmith, Dec. 2019
Julian D. WoodruffThe Formalist, Dec. 2019
James ReynoldsDeath Responds to Mr. Donne, Dec. 2019 
Phil HuffyThirteen Ways of Looking at a Maltese, Dec. 2019
Gail WhiteMr. Hopkins Considers Getting a Cat, Dec. 2019
Max GutmannThe Cultivation of Christmas Trees, Dec. 2019
Marcus BalesThe Modern White Supremacist's Song, Dec. 2019
Arvilla FeeKisses, Dec. 2019
Janice CanerdyBlue Girls Revisited, Dec. 2019

Julian D. WoodruffMurray's Loss, Morrie's Gain, Nov. 2019
David GalefTo My Angry Partner, Nov. 2019
Richard CumminsThey Grow Up From Me, Nov. 2019
James B. NicolaSawNov. 2019

Brian Garrison: Fear is the thing with dark fur, Mixed Drinks, Oct. 2019
Tara CampbellThe Gilded Cross, Oct. 2019
Tara CampbellWhenas Undead My Julia Goes, Oct. 2019
Tara CampbellI Plodded Lonely as a Cloud, Oct. 2019

Lynne GoldsmithLittle Miss Muffet, Sept. 2019
Elise Morse-GagnéDirge Wailed Against the Music on the Car Radio, Sept. 2019 
Douglas S. MalanBetter Be, Sept. 2019
Bob LorentsonThe Traffic, Sept. 2019
E.A. CockleCalling in Sick, Sept. 2019

Tom SchmidtBlake Visits the Aquarium, Aug. 2019
Elizabeth BoquetBrake, Brake, Brake, Aug. 2019
Elizabeth BoquetI Cannot Tell, Aug. 2019

Niloufar BehroozA Summer Sonnet, July 2019
Tom SchmidtThe Website of Innisfree, July 2019
Martin H. LevinsonThirteen Ways of Looking at a French Fry Potato, July 2019
Alex SteelsmithStopping an Intrusion on a Summer Evening, July 2019
Thomas L. WisemanPees, July 2019

Andrea WolperGuidelines for Meditators, June 2019
Richard DraceThe Charge of the Lycra Brigade, June 2019
Lynne GoldsmithRapunzel Sets the Record Straight, June 2019
Lynne GoldsmithThe Unromantic Version of Kissing Sleeping Beauty, June 2019

Alex SteelsmithI Gaze into My Glass, May 2019
Chris BullardApollinaire Steals the Mona Lisa, May 2019
Shawn BayernThe Smells, May 2019

Antonia ClarkAfter champagne, a fizzy feeling comes, Apr. 2019
Chris BullardTo a Corporation Dying Young, Apr. 2019
Sandra SoliDover Peach, Apr. 2019
Tylyn K. JohnsonComprehension Beyond Advanced Placement, Apr. 2019
Allan LakeStopping by the Canal on a Hot Afternoon, Apr. 2019

Phil HuffySolarcaine, Mar. 2019
Amanda PearceRoses are Red, Mar. 2019
Antonia ClarkThis Be The Glass, Mar. 2019
Dan CampionÉcole des Beaux Arts, Mar. 2019

Phil HuffyThree Limericks, Feb. 2019
Chris BullardKing Kong Holds a Press Conference, Feb. 2019
Matt BirkenhauerThe Frazzled Shepherd to His Overworked Nymph, Feb. 2019
Matt BirkenhauerThe Love Song of Jay and Ally Ruefolk, Feb. 2019

David Barberee coli, Jan. 2019
Robert Witmerthe king of clubs, Jan. 2019
O'Neill CuratoloO Pizza! My Pizza! and If I Can Stop One Pizza from Burning, Jan. 2019
Julian D. RitterRiding Down the Freeway Twenty Miles from Nowhere, Jan 2019

Margaret DeRitter: A Visit from St. Zachary, Dec. 2018

Volume 6  Issue 2
  October 31, 2017

Janice Canerdy: My, How Things Change!
Sarah Cannavo: Characters in Horror Movies*
Alex Dreppec: Letters
Don Fleming: The Donald at the Plate*
Daniel Galef: A New Endian Dilemma*
Conrad Geller: A Gentle Farewell
Nancy Freedman Goldstein: Deplorable Times*
Ken Gosse: Merchants of Vehemence
M C Green: Trying on Clothes on a Winter's Evening*
Karen Greenbaum-Maya: How to Write
Alan Harland: A Briefer History of Time
                          Something About Birds
Charles Kersey: The Code Not Taken*
Martin H. Levinson: The Politician's Serenity Prayer*
Bob Lorentson: Sigmund Freud
Paula Mahon: Ballad of the Nervous Air Passenger*
Gary Mesick: Crab Lice*
Esther Greenleaf MurerPangolinnet
Lance Nizami: XXIIa*
Russell Novotny: Too much? Never! Scoop
Satish Pendharkar: Limerick
Elisheva Pomrenze: To Her Boy, Distressed*
Karen Poppy: The Aisle Not Taken*
Wesley Sims: Donations
Angela Spires: E.E. Cummings at Jurassic World
Alberto Sveum: Dawn of the Bread
Taunja Thomson: The Suspect
Peggy Turnbull: The Skirt
Sharon Wood Wortman: Haiku

Volume 6  Issue 1
  April 1, 2017

Alice Batt: Jeans*
Jerome Betts: Julia's Reply*
                       Sea Leaver*
Dan Campion
: Who'll Be Chief Scorner*
Michael Coolen: The Orange Predator
Deborah Davitt: Spring pollen unleashed
Alex Dreppec: Robespierre's Ruin
                        Therapying Thunderstorms
Eric Evans: Sometimes Overt, Often Stealth
Mitch Frye: To a Dependent
Daniel Galef: The Beagle*
J.M. Green: Sarah on Aging*
Kathleen A. Lawrence: Trump vs. Big Bird*
Paula Mahon: April 14*
                       Computer Virus*
Douglas S. Malan: Count beats with fingers
Bruce McGuffin: Stopping by the Institute for Widget Studies Annual Conference*
Josh Mitteldorf: For They
John Mudge: The Oral-B Toothbrush Question
John Muth: For a Special Someone
Will O'Brien: Larry Ate a Little Ham*
Chris O'Carroll: Sea Heaver*
Marge Piercy: The dinner lottery
Joseph Reich: Somewhere Between an Angel and Gargoyle
Elizabeth Sanker: Burritode
Karlo Sevilla: Taxation*
Harvey Steinberg: Fixing her Wagon*
Lady Samantha: Ode to the Bagel Eaters
Robert Witmer: smoking pot
Sharon Wood Wortman: Advanced Alt-Rightitis
Jane Yolen: Trolls: Three Haiku

Volume 5 Issue 2
  October 31, 2016

Bartholomew Barker: Chocolates from the Portuguese 43*
Niloufar Behrooz: Darcy and Lydia
                              To Mr. Andrew Marvell
Barbara Brannon: Framed
                                The Tale of the Pi Characters*
Dan Campion: Ode to the Appendix
Janice Canerdy: Drink with Me*
                            I Sprayed Her Name upon a Store One Day*
Diane de Anda: The Compliant Wife
                           If the moon is cheese

Alex Dreppec: Gaping Grave's Gaiety
Frederick Foote: The President's Prayer*
Georgia Fried: 2d Haiku
Daniel Galef: Bard Garb
                      The Original Fanfiction

Vince Gotera: Clerihews for a Famous Literary Sailor
Michelle Green: Sonnet No. 18—A First Draft*
Gil Hackel: The Compassionate Neighbor to a Cat*
James Hamby: Tell All the Truth or What You Can*
                        To Trump*
Alan Harland: A Coroner's Report
Daniel R. Jones: The Brash Editor*
Diane Kendig: Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Cockroach*
Jean L. Kreiling: Winter Morning Soliloquy*
Martin H. Levinson: An Ode to Dorothy Parker*
Erika Lopez: Beer and Wine*
Peter Manos: Concertina*
Joan Mazza: Anglophile
Chris O'Carroll: Subaltern's Sequel*
                          When Teetotalers Go Caroling*
Joseph S. Pete: Algonquin Suicide Squad*
Stephen Starr: The Enemy of my Enemy
Sarah Valeika: An Ode to Oobleck
Robert Witmer: The Perfect Enjoyment: A Lesson for John Wilmot*

Volume 5 Issue 1
 April 1, 2016

C.B. Anderson: North Coast Suite
Bartholomew Barker: Chocolate Sonnet 18*
Bruce Boston: The Pavlovian Board
Lee Warner Brooks: Mending Lawn* 
Dan Campion: The Ballad of Joaquin Quinoa*
Janice Canerdy: The Car Not Taken*
Patrick CookRunaround Sue Time Travels to 1559
Meriah L. Crawford: Ode to a Lost Love
Richard Drace: Nursery Rhyme Personal Ads
Alex Dreppec: Eating Electric Eels
Roberta Feins: The Fedex Man Discovers That Love Is Not Always Attractive*
Frederick Foote: A Prayer for the Market Economy*
Michael "H.G. Haiku" Haviland: Animal Haiku
T.R. Hummer: The Rural Carrier Discovers That Love Is Everywhere
J. H. Johns: A Narcisist's Prayer*
Linda Kennedy: In My Opinion, William*
Jean L. Kreiling: Stopping a Cat on a Lonely Evening*
                              The Exile from Innisfree*
J. Patrick Lewis: Peas*
J. David Liss: Senate Cafe Haiku*
Teresa Milbrodt: The Old Woman Lives in a Shoe
                             The Pumpkin Eaters
Tracy Mishkin: Before and After*
Joseph Reich: A Puzzle of the United States of America
Faith Shearin: The Woman in the Viagra Commercial
Patrick H. SheerinI Remember All Right*
                                  Love is Not Love*
J. D. Smith: Do Not Throw Bento into That Food Fight*
                     Picking through Trash on a Sunday Evening*
Jane Yolen: Death Rides USAir At Night*

Volume 4 Issue 2
 October 31, 2015

Chris Bursk: Happiness Anonymous
                       Why I haven't Killed Myself Yet
Janice Canerdy: With Wobbly Steps*
Risica Caputi: Shakespeare Tweets*
Helen Companion: To Whom it May Concern*
Barbara Lydecker Crane: Goodnight Tycoon*
Alex Dreppec: Vegans Versus Vampires
Mary Elizabeth: Memento Mocha*
Todd Giberson: The Bills*
Gloria D. Gonsalves: An Apple in Red*
                                   Still I Reappear*
Peter Goulding: He Wishes for Nike Runners*
                            I Will Arise and Go Now*
                           Ozzy Mandias (My Latvian Mechanic)*
Gloria Heffernan: The Green Room*
Laura Johnson: The Poop Researcher*
Richard Krohn: After Reading "Jack and Jill" to My Granddaughter
Stuart Kurtz: Give Peas a Chance*
J. Patrick Lewis: I Eat Grape-Nuts with Raisins*
                             Jenny Dump'd Me*
Paula Mahon: My Laundry Mystery*
Simon Mermelstein: Grownup at the Youth Slam
Teresa Milbrodt: Drive By Liturgy
Tracy Mishkin: After the Mayo Clinic*
Rob O'Keefe: Ode to Rye Toast
Andrew Sacks: Lucy Poem*
Richard Schiffman: Apocryphal Bard
                                Karmic Laundromat
                                Lament of the Cactus
Anastasia Voight: Got Mail?
Jennifer Weiss: The Power of Lox*
Yvonne Zipter: A Child's Guide to the Dog
                          Yep, That's My Girl

Volume 4 Issue 1
 April 1-ish, 2015

Lee Warner Brooks: All the Pretty Little Peaches 
                                   Keats Becoming Yeats
Chris Bursk: Genesis 6:5-17
Janice Canerdy: To the Sale Lovers to Kick it into High Gear*
Jessica Cornelson: These Listerine Cities*
Kelsey Dean: False Advertising
Richard Drace: There Once was a Poet...
James D. Fuson: assault
Estelle Gilson: The Height of the Delicious*
Dianne Hardy: Lot*
Gloria Heffernan:Glinda's Dilemma
Ed Higgins: Thirteen Ways of Looking at Blackbeard*
John Martin: Rise and Fall: To a Young Cake*
Simon Mermelstein: with apologies to Ezra Pound*
Teresa Milbrodt: Octavia
                             Under the Florescent Halo
Alyssa Nedbal: The Fortune Cookie Writer
James B. Nicola: The Peaceful Warrior
Joseph Reich: For Johnny Rotten, The Savior which Comes in All Flavors
Cliff Saunders: After Reading Too Much Verse One Night, a Young Poet Struggles to Compose Something Original
Richard Schiffman: Doctor's Orders
Karl Williams: There Was a Barren Baroness
Sian Williams-Fowler: Boys and Girls*
                                       Alas, Poor Potato
Sharon Wood Wortman: Breasts: A Couplet

Volume 3 Issue 2
 October 31, 2014

Roger Berry: Playing with Words on a Sunny Evening*
Paul Burgess: Elizabeth II

                        Kate Middleton 
                        Likest Thou My Facebook Post?
Janice Canerdy: The Passionate Playboy to His Prey of the Week*
                             Prey of the Week's Reply to the Passionate Playboy
Jeremy Cantor: Rigs of the Time (cont.)*
Alex Dreppec: Abysmal Abbot, Spicy Stuff
Laura Garrison: The Salsa* 

                             Worst Fig*
Nancy Todd: Growl*
Anita Haas: The Present
Jim Landwehr: Shoe Shepherd
Wheeler Light: Haiku that is also a Title
Catherine McGuire: Kubla Can't* 

                                   To a Child First Seeing Epcot Center*
Mermelstein: For Robert Baratheon*
Joseph Reich: Ayyy! 

                        Episode Zero
Ron Riekki: We are Really Cool*
Wesley Rodgers: Little boy blue with paper and glue
Christopher Scribner: To Urchins, to Clean Up your Grime*
René-Claire Spencer: Note to Supervisor*
Leah Umansky: Khaleesi Says
David Walker: Twenty Minutes in the Shower with a Migraine
Clint Wastling
: Washer

Volume 3 Issue 1
April 1, 2014

Melissa Balmain: The Gen-Y Dude to His Friend with Benefits*
Wil E. C. Ruse Blade: Composed on Westminster Bridge: by a Bobdingnagian Barbarian*
Jerry Bradley: The Deserted Amusement 
Janice Canerdy: When I Refused to Ride with Death*
Patrick Cook: I Heard a Ringtone*
Barbara Lydecker Crane: Applied Beauty*
Alex Dreppec: Masochist Marsh 
Marianne Gambaro: Dickinson 249.2*
Richard B. Grenell: Hanging Low
                                   Quite a Combination
Nels Hanson: The Opossum Takes a Bow
A.J. Huffman: I Want an Explanation
Andrew Kozma: On the Fear of Being Swallowed by Literature
Simon Mermelstein: h(a*
Bradley K. Meyer: Giraffes
James B. Nicola: Elocutionary Advice
Joseph Reich: The Life & Times (or Actions/Adventures) of the Telemarketer and Her Poor Brainwashed and Enraptured Audience
John Roche: Boston Snapshot
Daniel Schall: Courage (or Foxhole's Morale)
Hal Sirowitz: The English Version, The Future is Nebulous
Noel Sloboda: We Make Drool*
Adam Solomon: Suburban Prophet
Peter Venable: Dark Matter Dark Mind
Yvonne Zipter: Epistle to a Shadow-Tailed Traveler 
                          Now Scheduling Shadow Days

Volume 2 Issue 2
October 31, 2013

Pamela Arlov: To Her Coy Tootsie*
Jeremy Ball: For Aspiring Poets
Roy Hartwell Bent: An Attempt to be Environmentally Responsible at a Thruway Rest Stop
Jerry Bradley: Milton the Busboy Asks for Friday Off*
Lee Warner Brooks: Sugar
Sarah Cerullo: Hamlet's Manscaping Dilemma*
Danny Collier: Chickens*
Patrick Cook: Finding Golf Clubs on a Rainy Evening*
Alex Dreppec: Buy, Cloned Cooks Conquer Canada
Kristina England: An Epitaph
Laura Garrison: Gorgon Hair Care 
                             Bug on my Shoulder*
Alan Ira Gordon: Students who won't learn
Nels Hanson: The Shark Prepares a Menu
Ed Higgins: This Is Just To Say*
A.J. Huffman: Fitness Barbie
Tim Laffey: The Red Belt Buckle*
Christopher Linforth: Internet*
R.C. Neighbors: Creative Writing 101
Andrew Sacks: Pie Beauty*
Abraham Schneider: File** 
                                    Footnote to File*
Noel Sloboda: Thirteen Ways of Looking at Fried Chicken*
Mercedes Webb-Pullman: This Be the Worst*
                                             i carry your gum with me(i carry it on*

Volume 2 Issue 1
April 1, 2013

Patrick Cook: A Continuation on Nash
Barbara Lydecker Crane: My Father's Final Letter*
Robert Dawson: The Girl from Sunken R'lyeh*
Diane de Anda: Professor Lothario
                           The Rhyme of the Patient Dog Owner
Timons Esaias: Inequity
Kathy Ferrell: Knitting as Marital Therapy
Laura Garrison: Advice
Paul Goldberg: The Deadly Diet of Danny D. Wyatt
Karen Greenbaum-Maya: Theodor Adorno Steps Out
Steve Klepetar: The Lamb*
                           Upon Julia's Nose*
Richard Krepski: A Cream-Puff Deferred*
Leland March: The Lunatic
Tom Murray: Skinny Dipping
Ogden Nash: The Purist
R.C. Neighbors: The Puppy*
James B. Nicola: The Wit
Rick Norwood: The math major's sex life is strenuous
Mark Perry: Up, Slacker, Up!*
Joseph Reich: Not Terribly Far from Reno
Andrew Sacks: Ovoidicus*
Gregg Sapp: Sonnet to the Dollar Store
Daniel Schall: Flour and Rice (A Celiac's Hell)*
Faith Shearin: A Few Things I Ate
Matthew Thompson: Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Columbus*
Gordon White
: Lines on a Used Book

Volume 1 Issue 2
October 31, 2012

Barbara Lydecker Crane: Just So You Know*
Chris Eugene Canter: The Venerable Bede, Christopher Hitchens
G. O. Clark: Selected Titles from the Poor Man's Genre Library
Tracy Davidson: Tub of Lard
Diane de Anda: Dracula's Favorite Things*
A.J. Dillon-Davis: Turds: On Barely Avoiding One in the Grass*
Neil Ellman: Jabberwock Redux
Eric Evans: The Tenured or the Bored
Paul Goldberg: The Hyphenated Marriage
Jim Hale: The skin of a woman named Hermia
Mike Jones: There is no Frigate Like a Frig*
Tracy Koretsky: My Mind and I
Mary Elzabeth Lee: Return to Sender
Larry Lefkowitz: Pub Fever*
David Lewitzky: The Wasteland
Mark J. Mitchell: Song of the Sleepy Adept
Anthony Nannetti: Misdirection
Lainey O'Brien: The Workout
Joseph Reich: Calm on Down!, Novocain
Flash Rosenberg: Sharpened Poetry, Happ-eBirthday
Brook J. Sadler: How Dow I Loathe Me?*
Jonathan Shipley: Biblical Themed Horror Movies
                               Children's Books Written by the Sand People in Star Wars

Cara Shulman: I am a Garbage Plate*
Anne Skalitza: Foodie*
Noel Sloboda: Wolf Just Has to Say*
Josh Smith: Bad Romance
Jasper Sole: The Lighter Side of Multiple Personalities
Jon Wesick: Halloween in Cambodia*


Volume 1 Issue 1 

April 1, 2012

David Alpaugh: John Donne Explains How it All Went Wrong, Come Fly With Me
Bruce Boston: Reasons to Become a Cannibal
                         Things Not to Say when You Meet a Tyrannosaurus Rex
Patrick Cook: The Street Sweeper*
Barbara Lydecker Crane: My Girlfriend's Eyes are Kinda Like the Sun*
Jacob Edwards: Pin the Tail, Beetnick
Neil Ellman: Rossum's Universal Robot Rebuts
Michael George: You tried to reach mike, My ans'ring machine asked for haiku
Ed Higgins: old Issa
Steve Klepetar: To Coffee (On Drinking the Day's First Cup)*
Tracy Koretsky: Always on Sunday
David Lewitzky: Stabat Mater
N. Joy Lutton: Sandman*
Kevin Meeks: Ethermance*
James B. Nicola: Sway
Lance Nizami: In Palo Alto (The Yiddish Circle)*
David L. O'Neal: The Clam
Robert E. Petras: The Hot Water Heater*
Joseph Reich: Tourette's
Jonathan Shipley: Prequels to Famous Books
Hal Sirowitz: Keeping Score
Sandra Soli: Tri Semi
Adam Solomon: Nice Try for a Jedi
Adriana Tosun: The Marital Machinations of King Henry, Number Eight

* Indicates poem is a direct parody of another. All others are a more normal kind of silly.
** Available online only!