Larry Ate a Little Ham

Larry ate a little ham,
it had no cloven toe;
and anything that Larry did
his guilt just wouldn't go.

He went to synagogue one day,
poor Larry broke the rule;
the rabbi just sent him away
'cause he was skipping school.

And when the rabbi threw him out,
he still had ling'ring fear.
So, Larry prayed and was devout,
and just what did he hear?

"Why does the ham bug Larry so?"
Moishe asked of G-d.
"He is reformed, so I don't know,"
the LORD said with a nod.

by Will O'Brien

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Will O'Brien currently lives, works, and writes in Cairo, Egypt. A self-avowed dog person—and cat allergy sufferer—Will is learning to cope with a number of stray cats who have made a game out of trying to sneak into his apartment every time he opens the door.