There is no Frigate Like a Frig

There is no frigate like a Frig
For glory in the Port,
Nor any vessel so glad met
As one set out for Sport—

Such vessel may the poorest ride
Without resort to Coins—
How fruitful is the charity
That bares the Human loins!

by Mike Jones

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Mike Jones teaches at Oakland High School, where his students greet him by shouting, "Who?" He is outweighed roughly two-to-one, especially if bling is included, by the rapper of the same name but different tax bracket.


The skin of a woman named Hermia

The skin of a woman named Hermia
Has a neoprene-like epidermia.
She can take off her flannel
And jump in the channel
And not have to risk hypothermia.

by Jim Hale

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Originally from New Jersey, Jim Hale is a resident of Juneau, Alaska, where he's lived for 17 years. Before it washed-up here, his limerick won the 2010 KINY Radio "Fish Tales" contest for a free day of charter boat fishing.


The Hyphenated Marriage

Agatha Walker Cardoon Delight
    married Thomas T. Fredrick Zigler tonight.
Who could imagine what their name would be.
    Would it start with an A and end with a Z?

Agatha Zigler seemed alright
    but woe to Cardoon and Delight.
So Agatha Walker Cardoon Delight
    and Thomas T. Fredrick Zigler, contrite,

        decided a last name of Smith was alright.

by Paul Goldberg

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Paul Goldberg lives in Baltimore and belongs to a wife, 3 children, and 2 dogs. He writes children's poetry inbetween making a living. Paul is a graduate of the University of Florida and holds a masters degree from Hebrew University in Jerusalem. paul@basicpromotionsinc.com


The Tenured or the Bored

What has Emily Brontë done for me
lately? Nothing, I can honestly
say, nothing much at all. And yet
the name Heathcliff still haunts
my head like the petulant guest
he's always been, the result of
a month spent with my matriculated
nose in the middle sister's
syllabus-bound book, another of
"those things they make you read"
according to my teenage son.

What has Emily Brontë ever done
for me? Aside, I mean, from
take up permanent residence on
the reading lists of English teachers
far and wide, generations of yawning
children beyond indifferent to
the laments of the long-ago lovelorn,
the decades-old favorite of the
tenured or the bored. And what,
I'm asking, is Emily Brontë going
to do about the couple hundred pages
and several hours that I'm never
getting back?

by Eric Evans

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Eric Evans is from Rochester, NY where he resides with his wife, Diane, and son, Henry. His work has appeared in Artvoice, decomP magazinE, Tangent Magazine, Posey, Xenith Magazine, Anobium Literary Magazine, Pemmican Press, Remark, a few anthologies, and more. He has published seven collections and three broadsides through his own small press, Ink Publications. He is the editor of The Bond Street Review as well as the recipient of the 2009 Geva Theatre Center Summer Academy Snapple Fact Award. Read more of his work at inkpublications.com