The Oral-B Toothbrush Question

My mind reels, I have questions, I do wonder:
Are they ranked first to last, low to high?
Can you find just the best without blunder?
I'm not sure how to choose but I try.

1 is better than 2: that we know.
D's no good, C's ok (so we say).
I have found Oral-B... but oh no!
Where oh where can I find Oral-A?

by John Mudge

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John Mudge studied English at New York University and now lives near Seattle. He believes the human soul is filled with all sorts of things, not the least of which is humor. His favorite authors include Kafka and Vonnegut. He is a recovering Catholic with Buddhist leanings. He used to be a Republican, but now fancies himself a Libertarian. He is half German, one quarter English, and one quarter everything else including (it is rumored) an Indian woman. He has been married almost 30 years to his first wife.