For a Special Someone

I gave her a ring as a birthday present,
told her the amethyst reminded me
of the way her eyes glowed
when she talked about Mozart
or the paintings of Dali,
that it once belonged to an aunt of mine
who died of cancer last year,
an aunt who always hoped
I would find the right woman.
We made love that night to Don Giovanni.

Our relationship lasted four months.
I let her keep the ring
in the hope that breaking up with me
would make her feel guilty.
Plus, my deceased aunt was a hoarder
and I have ten more rings,
with assorted semi-precious stones,
waiting in my nightstand
for the next ten special someones.

by John Muth

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John Muth is a reluctant resident of central New Jersey and a reluctant employee of Rutgers University. Satire is his favorite coping strategy. His first book, A Love for Lavender Dragons (Aldrich Press) is available online. Order ten or twelve copies today!