A Lady of many lovers' fame
Moaned, "Life will never be the same
Without Vladimir and Fred
Pierre, Pablo and Ted
And Chiang and Salim and Prem"

by Satish Pendharkar


Too much? Never! Scoop
ad infinitum. I want
ice cream a la mode!

by Russell Novotny

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Satish Pendharkar lives in Mumbai, India, and has a full-time job. His short stories have been published by New Asian Writing, Savvy, Flash, etc. His poems have appeared in Agave Magazine, Maverick, dotdotdash, and elsewhere. He has published a book of poems titled Nocturnal Nomad. His play The Last Journey was one of the 3 plays short-listed for the Hindu Metroplus Playwright Award in 2012.

Russell Novotny has a drawer full of "closet" poems, mostly about divorce and mental illness. He once wrote a short story for a vampire anthology in which nothing much happens except for a vampire telling stories. He lives and works in Cleveland, Ohio. His favorite food is, not surprisingly, ice cream.