Mr. Hopkins Considers Getting a Cat

Glory to the gods for feline things—
the lynx, the sphinx, the Manx, the ocelot,
the Himalayan, Persian, Siamese,
the paw that pats, the crescent claw that clings.
All things that hunt and hide and heed you not
derive from Egypt their divinities:
Bastet, benignant as the sun at noon,
mother of those who chitter, pounce, and purr,
who keeps the cosmic harmonies in tune
and makes your kitten's eyes change with the moon—
Feed Her.

by Gail White

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Gail White, a resident of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, feeds stray cats on Bayou Teche. Her poetry is formal and often feline-oriented. On being nominated for a Pushcart prize this year, she had to lie down for two days to get over the shock.