Trump vs. Big Bird

Crummy day
Stealing our hopes away.
On his way to where
Thought is tweet.

Can you tell Trump how to get—
How to get to Sesame Street?

Tweet and lie.
Environment's gonna die.
Friendly neighbors leave,
Not safe to meet.

Can you tell me what's the deal?
What'll happen to Sesame Street?

Tragic day:
Alphabet Z to A,
Numbers upside down,
Songs miss a beat.

Can you tell me how to save—
How to save our Sesame Street?

How to save our Sesame Street?
How to make America sweet?

by Kathleen A. Lawrence

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Kathleen A. Lawrence:

Negative Column: Can't follow instructions. Terrible with deadlines. Hates to talk about herself. Hates to write about herself even more.

Positive Column: She's thrilled to report she has 8 siblings so she seldom has to write about herself. Lawrence is also a Sagittarius, Collector of Ephemera, Consumer of Cupcakes, and Lover of Lavender and Lilac. She has never met a flower she didn't like. She bakes the best amaretto cheesecake ever, although there are no witnesses to support her claim.