Ballad of the Nervous Air Passenger

How do I hate to go up in a plane,
up in the air so blue.
Oh, how I think it's the scariest thing
ever a tourist can do.

Up in the air 10,000 feet high
through the clouds grey and white,
my nerves run amok, I certainly cry,
I can't bear an aerial sight.

When I look down on the land or sea,
I can only imagine the fall
down through the air clutched by hard gravity.
It's a wonder I travel at all.

by Paula Mahon

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Paula Mahon hails from Derry, NH, where she works as Medical Director of Healthcare for the Homeless in Manchester, NH. She has 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 grown son out of the house and sort of self sufficient, and a husband who cheerfully tolerates the mess that creativity produces in their home.