A Cream-Puff Deferred

What happens to a cream-puff deferred?

  Does it go to mold
  Or gestate like a cheese
  And turn to curd?
  Do its insides liquefy—
  And then ooze?
  Or does it have to learn
  to sing the blues?

  Maybe its taste evolves
  Like hundred-year-old eggs.

Or does it sprout legs?

by Richard Krepski

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Richard Krepski resides in the twilight zone between scientific rationalism and poetic lunacy. He is retired from a career as research scientist and educator. Information on his book Alchemical Gold (a conglomeration of poetry, cosmological speculation, and religious philosophy) can be found at substance-to-spirit.com. His poems have appeared in Mobius, Tiferet, Jesus Radicals, and Bolts of Silk. He won the Tiferet writing award in 2009 for his essay "Center of the Universe."