The Lamb

Little Lamb, who made you?
Do you know who made you?
Broiled you to a golden turn,
Watched you so you didn't burn?
Broiled your center rosy pink,
Chose a good Syrah to drink?
Raised a glass to mourn your loss,
Then served you with a nice mint sauce?
Little Lamb, who made you?
Do you know who made you?

Little lamb, I'll tell you.
She's the partner of my life,
She's my lovely, clever wife.
Oh, her cookery's a dream!
Leg of lamb and spuds with cream
Or a fine basmati rice
Rich with cumin and allspice.
Dinner's ready in a trice
And you won't have to call me twice.
Leg of lamb is very nice,
Yes, leg of lamb is very nice.

by Steve Klepetar

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Steve Klepetar claims to be the best known Shanghai-born Jewish-American poet in all of Central Minnesota who has written a dissertation on Sir Walter Scott (no, he didn't play Scottie in Star Wars—look him up). His work has appeared widely and has received several nominations for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net, which his father-in-law would have told him would get him on the subway as long as he had a token.