The Lunatic

we are all subjects
in the lab of love
it is as if there is some
crazy scientist at work here
combining all of the wrong
chemicals and watching
as the contents in the beakers
change colors, bubble, and fizz
and look! there's one now
watch it as it boils over
and explodes, and listen
as the room thunders
with laughter

by Leland March

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Leland March is a college sophomore and—in his spare time—a poet, guitarist, banjo picker, and piano player. He grew up in a small town where the highlight of the school year was Chicken Nugget Day. The students would convince their teachers to leave class early to get a hold of those crisp little beauties. Believe it or not, he has also starred in a short, and inconsistent film (his acting is not on par with his writing or music). He also plays the musical saw. It never fails to amuse.