Sonnet to the Dollar Store

Where vagabond dollars find their place,
at last, unbroken, their value decreed,
safe from voodoo economics of greed,
the gold standard greenbacks earns their grace.
These dollars empower modest buyers
of stock staples: tools, canned food, white soap,
plastic spoons, pins and pens, glue, twine and rope,
and grab bags, like fruit on trees, inspires.
This humble boutique, its shelves are proud,
its mission honest, in service to plain folks,
no scam, no hoax, no deceit to provoke
the ire of trusting customers unbowed.
One item, one dollar, an oath abides
Here, a dollar is what a dollar buys.

by Gregg Sapp

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The biggest joke in Gregg Sapp's literary career is that he wrote 60 academic articles and four learnéd monographs, not a word of which (he is convinced) was ever read by anybody. As a 50th birthday present to himself, he wrote a novel: Dollarapalooza, published in 2011 by Switchgrass Books and soon to be found in bins at better dollar stores. Since then, he's published in Zodiac Review, Midwestern Gothic, and Marathon Review. Whether anybody reads this stuff remains an open question.