The Lighter Side of Multiple Personalities

Sanity's overrated;
Stability's for loons.
Why have only one mind
when you can have a few?

The conversation's perfect,
(unless we can't agree)
in the end it all comes down
to sharing space in me!

It's standing room here only,
cramped in with one another.
Stuffed inside my tiny brain,
at least I have each other!

We bicker, bitch and banter,
and stand apart point moot.
Different personalities;
at parties we're a hoot!

Some people say we're crazy
(I don't see the appeal)
for when it comes to battling wits
I always choose dual-wield!

by Jasper Sole

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Jasper Sole has never really considered himself to be much of a poet, per se. For now, he's just another person who happens to put a few thoughts into fancy words every once in a while and dares to call it creative. He occasionally enjoys writing utter tripe and watching people try and glean sensible information from it, and on weekends he likes to pelt pigeons with small pebbles. He's totally deep and in touch with his emotions and all that. Oh, and he's totally single. Ladies.