Biblical Themed Horror Movies

The Garden of Bleedin'

The Ark of the Coven

40 Days and 40 Frights

The Blood-Thirsty Apostle

Slain and Able

Give us this Day our Daily Dead

Gold, Frankincense, and Murder

Lazarus Returns, with a Vengeance

The Kingdom, and the Power, and the Gory, Forever

The Dead Sea

Thou Shalt Murder

I Know what You did Last Supper

by Jonathan Shipley

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Jonathan Shipley lives with his wonderful daughter in Seattle. He's written for such varied publications as The Los Angeles Times, Venuszine, Diner Journal, Fine Books & Collections Magazine, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, and Welding and Cutting Magazine. Seriously, he once wrote some homoerotic welding poetry for the trade journal. He was shocked they actually published the stuff! Jonathan is really skinny and pretty bald.