The Venerable Bede

The Venerable Bede
Took a large draught of mead
And with due decorum
Wrote Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum.

Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens
Visited kitchens.
When asked, "Do you also write cookery books?"
He said, "No I don't; I'm just looking for kooks."

by Chris Eugene Canter

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Chris Eugene Canter (1980) is tossed about as a rudderless boat between several geographies and languages, notably English, which needs no introduction, and Low Saxon, for which an introduction seems too tall an order within the space of a few lines. On humour he has written: 'Mirror me, Mr. Bean: in my heart you sprout green./All my laughter I'll live the example you've been./Only humour can topple the idols I've seen.'